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Membership form

The ¡Todos a Leer! Multisectoral Coalition for Reading is a group that seeks, through collective impact, to ensure that the children of Puerto Rico read at their level and thus can become proficient, avid, and critical readers to live their academic, professional, and personal potential fully.


Joining the Coalition is free. Depending on the level of participation you want to have, you can choose the type of membership:


a. If you want to support the initiatives and purposes of the Coalition and/or promote awareness-raising efforts and activities to support literacy, aligned with the objectives of the Coalition, by your own effort and resources, you must choose to be a mobilizing member. 


b. If you wish to join the Coalition as a provider of services aligned to the Coalition’s strategy and work plan, and contemplate the possibility of requesting funds from the Coalition and that your initiatives are endorsed and formed part of the agendas and calendars shared by the Coalition, you must choose to become a provider member. 


c. If you want to commit to taking responsibility for a governance and fiduciary role within the Coalition, you must choose to be a fiduciary member.


Interested in joining this effort?

Complete the information below:

Type of organization:
I wish to be part of the Coalition as:
I undertake or am interested in carrying out initiatives aligned with the following areas of focus of the Coalition:
The Coalition publishes the names of Coalition member individuals and entities on its website and materials. If you don’t want your name included, please indicate it here:
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